South West Allied Health Network

The South West Allied Health Network (SWAHN) was the first fully incorporated Allied Health network to be a voting member in the Medicare Local System – in our case the South Western Melbourne Medicare Local (SWMML).

With the introduction of the Primary Health Network system and the replacement of the Medicare Local model, there has been a shift in Government health policy to have a broader focus with a larger involvement from Allied Health. As such we have an opportunity to be more involved and to take advantage, and facilitate this, is the SWAHNs focus. Our primary goal is to provide the Allied Health sector, both public and private, a strong voice in representing the needs of our patients and our community.

Our mission statement reads:
“The SWAHN is committed to primary health support through the integration and co-ordination of all Allied Health services to the community.”

And while this is our main focus, there will be much more that SWAHN can offer you. We know from surveys already undertaken, that networking opportunities, assistance with business development and management, the education of GPs regarding the roles of the various Allied Health professions and the creation of a locally based services directory are all high on your agendas, so we have committed to include them on ours.

In addition, we will be providing information on government funding and tendering processes and working towards educating our sector on eHealth and its implementation. In the future, as our membership grows, we hope to offer discounts on Insurance policies along with other incentive/reward programs. We will be working very closely with the NWMPHN and will be acting as a conduit of information between the PHN and the Allied Health community.

If you have any queries regarding the SWAHN and our role in the PHN, please contact us via email at